Dub Caravan Meets Hornsman Coyote – Breath of Peace Teaser

Coming in February 2013, Dub Caravan Meets Hornsman Coyote in an album called “Breath of Peace”. It features mostly instrumental roots reggae and world music but also contains 2 vocal tracks. It will be available on Limited Edition Double Vinyl, CD and Digital Download. Available from Dread Camel Records. Pre-order soon available at:www.dubcaravan.com

Track List:

01 Tribute to the Fathers
02 Natty on Board
03 Innocent Blood
04 Innocent Horns
05 Burning in the City
06 Make I Win
07 Make I Win Version
08 Air Raid
09 Rebel Steady
10 Spanish Town
11 Salaam I-Thiopia
12 Egypt
13 Children
14 Trail of Tears
15 Machine World

All Music by Dub Caravan and Hornsman Coyote.
Drums, Percussion, Bass, Guitars, Keyboards and Flute by Dub Caravan.
Vocals, Lyrics, Trombone and additional Guitars by Hornsman Coyote.
Backing Vocals by Dju. Track 01 inspired by Burning Spear and Culture.

Produced and Mixed by Dub Caravan. Mastered by Michael Caplan at Lion and Fox Recording Studios.

Art Design: sr-calavera.com

All Rights Reserved: Dub Caravan / Hornsman Coyote / Dread Camel Records (2013)

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