Paul Elliott – The chosen one

With vocals reminiscent of the greats like Dennis Brown and Bunny Wailer, and lyrical content designed to uplift the meek and burden the wicked, The Chosen One is bringing Reggae’s original message to a modern people.

Growing up in the violence and poverty of the Waterhouse ghetto, Elliott turned to music as an escape. It was inevitable though, with legends like Half Pint and Black Uhuru rehearsing nearby. He started his recording career under the name Culture Paul.

Before he was able to meet much success though tragedy struck when two of his brothers and his mother were murdered in quick succession.

While some people would have turned to revenge, and Paul did consider it, he ultimately decided to use music as his weapon against the forces of evil. His 1999 debut album Save Me Oh Jah is still very highly rated as one of the most heart-felt Reggae albums.

A number of albums and quite a few singles later, The Chosen One is still flying the cultural Reggae banner high.

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