Perfect – Over The Top feat. House Of Riddim

Over The Top

Over The Top

Produced in collaboration with Austria’s brilliant House of Riddim, this release is packed with 20 tunes.

The title track Over the Top showcases Perfect’s unique style, never taking himself too seriously here with the mission at hand to go over the top, chanting “Got to be a winner, got to find my dinner”.

Since coming onto the scene in 2006 with his smash hit Handcart Bwoy, Perfect Giddimani has released a host of
albums and literally hundreds of singles showcasing his various musical influences and styles. His latest album
continues the ‘journey’ started last summer with Journey of 1000 Miles. Never content to stay in one place, even after
that successful journey, Perfect has now joined with Sam Gilly’s House of Riddim in Austria to produce a more
mellow modern roots collection of nineteen tunes, previewed by the single Ribbi Dubang Skeng, the one song
on the album that can’t be considered mellow by any standard but it sure is fun:

Still expresses the artist’s philosophy of life and opens the album, serving as an introduction to the Bobo Ashanti for those less familiar with his work. A brief spoken Interlude follows before the title track, Over the Top, which applies to Perfect Giddimani in so many ways, says
if you want to be a winner, you have to be ready to take it ‘over the top’. Love to be Loved is a straight forward
love song, followed by I Hail Jah with a little assistance from Pressure Buss Pipe. Next we have Double
Wrong, which chastises those who sell their souls for a dollar while the retro background vocals revive shoo-bedo
as a chorus phrase.
On Better Days Perfect shares that although we all go through difficult times, better days really are coming.
Lovely old-style R&B horns enrich the tune while paying tribute to the sounds of the past. A delicate acoustic
guitar solo opens The Best Thing, which in Perfect’s case, turns out to be meeting a very special girl. Greatest
Friend, a truly universal song that everyone can surely relate to follows over an all-acoustic track. No devout
Rastafarian album fails to include homage to black heroes such as Marcus Garvey, which comes next.
Powerful horns bring in Proud to Say, in which Perfect proclaims he is ‘one of them’, meaning the Bobo Ashantis
who Babylon tries to crush. Take a deep breath because Ribbi Dubang Skeng will ‘make you move again and
groove again’. Perfect teams up with Ras Attitude for Lost to encourage people to find their way out of
wherever or whatever they’re lost in through Jah. Never Fall speaks of the resiliency needed to survive in this
world. Everyone in the cities has a Country Cousin and this song clearly explains that.
Perfect is well known for his ‘smoking’ songs and Chronic Intake follows that tradition. Meeny More joins in
on Smoke Billy, with a chorus reminiscent of Johnny Be Good. Next Perfect admonishes a Silly U, who seems to
think he’ll “walk away from Selassie I”. Looking Glass is an introspective piece heralded by those bluesy horns
while Africa Bound expresses the Rastafarian desire to repatriate to the motherland.
CD Available through VP Records, on iTunes and other fine etailiers as well.
Perfect is happy to do interviews via phone or skype;

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1. Still
2. Interlude
3. Over The Top
4. Love To Be Loved
5. I Hail Jah (feat. Pressure Buss Pipe)
6. Double Wrong
7. Better Days
8. The Best Thing
9. Greatest Friend
10. Marcus Garvey
11. Proud To Say
12. Ribbi Dubang Skeng
13. Lost (feat. Ras Attitude)
14. Never Fall
15. Country Cousin
16. Chronic Intake
17. Smoke Billy (feat. Meeny More)
18. Silly You
19. Looking Glass
20. Africa Bound

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