Ishi Dube – Mr Music

Ishi Dube - Mr Music - Artwork
Genre: Reggae
Label: VPAL
Katalognr.: UBE CD 010
VÖ-Termin: 14.01.2014
The music of Ishi Dube is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face and make you move your
waist; his newest album “Mr. Music” is no exception. Seventeen songs that will not only satisfy
nearly any Reggae fan, but listeners from all walks of life. Dube’s meticulously self-produced
album touches nearly every sub-genre of Reggae, from ska, roots, and lover’s rock, to
rub-a-dub, reggae ballads, and dancehall. Ishi Dube and his Tuff Riddims Production is
becoming a widely respected name globally and “Mr. Music” is a prime example. Enjoy the
variety of lyrics, melodies, rhythms, and styles.

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