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Rastamusic was born in california and playing since 1997 reggae music over the internet. So Rastamusic is one of the real pioneers in streaming and promoting reggae around the world.

Beside our regular music we started to stream live soundsystems dances around 2002 like David Rodigan, Cutty Ranks, PowPow Movement, Sentinel, Soundquake, Supersonic, Killamanjaro, Soundcontrol Movement, One Love HP, LP International, Stonelove, Downbeat, Caveman, Budadub, Black Kat, Ricky Trooper, Heartical……………………

We streamed also some live clashes like rodigan vs killamanjaro, Riddim Clash 2003, 2004 (first video stream), 2008, 2009, 2010,  Heartical vs Soul Stereo, Soundquake vs Supersonic, Sentinel vs Mighty Stallion and a lot of 45 Clashes.

Sorry we cant remember everthing in the past :-)

if you are a artist or selecta and wonna promote your tunes or host a own show feel free to contact us.



About us — 4 Comments

    • – Hello my friend,
      We are HotHead Kulcha, a independent roots reggae record company located in Brooklyn, NY.

      Our lead artist Rippa Jackson has a new release “Mua Mau Warrior” that we are promoting

      We would love to know the criteria need to get this songs into the rotation?

      Anything you can do to facilitate such a opportunity will be greatly appreciated.

      Blessed Love, Hassan


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