Dub Caravan Meets Hornsman Coyote – Breath of Peace Teaser

Coming in February 2013, Dub Caravan Meets Hornsman Coyote in an album called “Breath of Peace”. It features mostly instrumental roots reggae and world music but also contains 2 vocal tracks. It will be available on Limited Edition Double Vinyl, CD and Digital Download. Available from Dread Camel Records. Pre-order soon available at:www.dubcaravan.com

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Paul Elliott – The chosen one

With vocals reminiscent of the greats like Dennis Brown and Bunny Wailer, and lyrical content designed to uplift the meek and burden the wicked, The Chosen One is bringing Reggae’s original message to a modern people.

Growing up in the violence and poverty of the Waterhouse ghetto, Elliott turned to music as an escape. It was inevitable though, with legends like Half Pint and Black Uhuru rehearsing nearby. He started his recording career under the name Culture Paul.

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